About the HomeOwnership Center at Home HeadQuarters

The HomeOwnership Center provides low- and moderate-income families with a one-stop homeownership experience.  We take a “cradle to grave” approach with our customers and we offer programs which are designed to promote sustainable and affordable homeownership throughout all stages of homeownership.  Our services include:

  • Homebuyer Education & Counseling
  • Foreclosure Prevention & Counseling
  • Financial Capabilities Education & Counseling

These programs are designed to increase access to decent, affordable housing for low- to moderate-income households and to ensure long-term sustainable homeownership.  We aim to:

  • prepare first-time homebuyers to successfully navigate the process of buying a home;
  • better equip first-time homebuyers to understand the challenges of sustainable homeownership; and
  • reduce mortgage and tax delinquent foreclosures and decrease the number of abandoned and vacant homes in the City of Syracuse.

Every year, the Home Ownership Center at HHQ ranks in the top 25 for helping families become first-time homebuyers amongst the almost 240 NeighborWorks America organizations located throughout the United States. Approximately 650 people attend our Homebuyer Orientation with more than 450 going on to graduate from our 8-hour Homebuyer Education Course and 160 successfully become first-time homebuyers. Our foreclosure prevention specialists work with more than 200 at-risk homeowners to provide more than 400 counseling sessions and successfully preserving 30 homes.